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 Terry Mace - 'The Awen' Editor

A Mini Biography

Terry is 50 and lives in the North East of Scotland.  Terry has two daughters, Emily and Hanna.  He writes for both 'The Awen' and for his independent publishing project 'Phoenix Moon Media'.  For many years Terry worked as a trained, registered and qualified psychotherapist, counselor, coach and mediator although he now focuses mainly on his writing work which itself is therapeutic and spiritually based.

His creative and entrepreneurial background is as eclectic as 'The Awen' and as varied as his writing projects.  However, to date his life journey and adventure has taken him four times around the globe and has found him living in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Paris and now Scotland.  For a time Terry lived and worked within the Findhorn Foundation before leaving to set up his own retreat centre and sanctuary, ‘The Miracle Centre’ in the South of England in the mid 90’s.

As a visionary, pioneer and founder Terry can lay claim to several firsts and landmarks.  Two of these are his work in esoteric communication and personal transformation devices and his work channeling, Plato and Genghis Khan.  His foundational philosophy within life is, don't have a foundational philosophy in life as someone somewhere has a big jack hammer just waiting to dig it up and render it totally unstable.  Thus, he practices daily several Zen meditation techniques on the premise that something must surely happen soon ‘but not this, not this.’

He takes himself far too seriously and has often been accused of arrogance, over inflation of ego and narcissistic tendencies.  However, these were primarily short lived criticisms when those making these assumptions clearly understood their error and mistake in making such ridiculous statements.  As can be seen, he is very modest and humble.  Satire is something he disapproves of enormously and, thus, never uses it himself.  Likewise, rumors of Terry having some form of God complex have been spread by lesser mortals and as such should not be listened to.

He can honestly say that his life is blessed and rich in ways that if bankable as a cheque or PO would make him the wealthiest man alive.  Sadly, with the current economic climate no one seems to want to cash his bond.  Finally, it is his hope, desire and passion that in conceptualizing 'The Awen' Magazine & Journal for Change, Transformation & Metamorphosis he may one day be granted an open season ticket to a heaven or paradise of his choice where a meager limit of 40 virgins is negotiable as an extra to a package deal without the need for self implosion.

To find out more about Terry as time goes on please check back over this Blog page or search the Interpol database the FBI and CIA most wanted lists or the daily tabloids as he intends to update this mini-biography regularly as a way and means of personal development, self re-invention and self gratification.

'If your only tool is a hammer,
every problem looks like a nail'

 You can email Terry at: the.awen.magazine@gmail.com

Photograph © Copyright Terry Mace 2011 - Photographer - Paul Burbidge

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