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When I was 16 my father opened a book shop.  Lost for something to do at that time in my life after splitting up from another girlfriend I’d been travelling around up and down the country hitch-hiking.  I bummed a ride back to where my mum and dad lived and stayed a while.  After a few days, my dad had a stroke and couldn’t run the bookshop on his own so at 16 I became a bookseller.  Isn’t it funny how life sneaks up on you!

However, what was interesting was the way we sold books.  You see, we were not your average high street book seller we were a ‘remainder’ book seller which in simple terms is another way of saying, ‘bargain basement’ or discount books.  Books that the publisher no longer wanted to market, catalogue or trade became available to us at 50% to 75% discount.  Now, even with the mark-up added back onto these books the retail prices were still crazy cheap so sold like hot cakes week in week out.

Now, back in the very, very late 70’s and very, very early 80’s the remainder bookseller was a very new and radical idea.  Not least of all because trade in this type of book often undercut the big bookshops massively.  So much so in fact, that often even before being able to unpack the newly arrived stock people would be queuing outside to get into the shop as we’d open.

As fast as we tried to shelve, order and catalogue the books people would clamber over pile after pile, box after box pushing and shoving the next person to one side if it looked like there was just one of that particular title which was often the case.  After seeing this occur on such a regular basis that unpacking or re-stocking became next to impossible my dad and I agreed on the best marketing strategy we could have ever conceptualised.

‘Don’t fully unpack, pile them high and don’t fully shelve.’

Now in the beginning things did get a bit mad and accounting and re-ordering was never easy, however, what I learnt as a very young man from my dad’s entrepreneurial idea of leaving the books pretty much out on the floor, half shelved and partially boxed was that by nature, human beings love to wade about in virtual chaos and shit.  Perhaps, it’s a primal or evolutionary thing?

However, the idea that they had somehow uncovered a hidden or buried treasure or got to the biggest toppling pile first before another became one of the best selling potential and possibilities my dad ever came up with in business.  Money rolled in week after week and at that time we became one of the largest and most successful remainder book sellers in that part of the UK.  We went into multiple book mail order, again, a concept way ahead of its time and also set up a massive buy-back book mart exchange which was totally unheard of.

The final cherry on the top was that my dad got so good at finding old and rare books he started to trade separately as a rare and antiquarian book seller as well where he could make more money on one book in ten minutes at auction than the whole week’s shop takings.  When he eventually sold that shop and business he had turned it into a goldmine.  That set my dad up to semi-retire for several years before getting bored and going back into business.

It was also an excellent learning curve for me in training me to keep my marketing strategies as simple as possible.  And so, the story told, what has all of this to do with ‘The Awen’ Pot-Luck PDF’s page?  Simple!  It’s based on my dad’s core concept of organised chaos.  You see, when you click on the link below it’s going to take you to a massive online store house of pdf books, publications, articles, features and writing which currently is weighing in at over 400 pdf files.

Now, by this time next year my vision is to have at least 1,000 pdf’s all online in the same ‘box’ so to speak.  Perhaps, that number and figure will have doubled or even quadrupled, however, here’s the best part of the concept.  You can have as many as you want, anytime you want.  Now, to me that seems like a fair deal.

Ok, now before you click on the 'Pot-Luck' PDF's link below to get access to that bargain basement box there’s a few simple statements I need to make.  After that, each PDF is up for grabs...

1.  All pdf’s are freely gifted.  However, if you gift anything back you do, if you don’t you don’t!  However, remember the golden rule... ...you know which one!
2.  ‘The Awen’ or Terry Mace currently has absolutely no association or affiliation with any of the writers, authors or creators of these pdf’s and as such receives no extra or special benefits for gifting these pdf’s.  When and if that changes, I’ll say.
3.  ‘The Awen’ or Terry Mace accepts no liability or responsibility whatsoever in any shape or form for your use of these pdf’s and their respective content regardless of the outcome.  If an author, writer or creator of any gifted pdf tells you to go and jump off a bridge and you do, that’s your choice.  Likewise if you make your first million as a direct result of following advice given in a pdf you owe me nothing
4.  The PDF's are offered as is.  Whilst we've checked each and everyone for viruses or infections, we'd advise you to scan or check yourself.
5.  A small independent folder marked 'Adults Only' is included.  The contents are offered to those who consider themselves adults.  Those offended by educational or instructional nudity may wish to bypass this folder.

    You’re now free to click the link below!

    For those of you who are happy
    to give and receive
    I thank you.

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