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Welcome to ‘The Awen'
Content Submission Guidelines Page

So, you’re thinking about submitting content for 'The Awen' Magazine & Journal for Change, Transformation & Metamorphosis.   Great, please do!

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to do that. 

Ok, let’s make a start...

If you’d like to submit your original written articles, features and series covering just about everything and anything to do with personal and individual development and self awareness you’ve come to the right place.

You can also submit poetry, prose and fiction for consideration, however, this also has to be about change, transformation and metamorphosis, so, a story about life death and life as a circle or cycle, for example, is of interest to ‘The Awen.’  However, a short story just about life without highlighting the change, transformation or metamorphic process of that life is not.

Likewise, ‘The Awen’ is interested in receiving original photographs, drawings, illustrations and artwork covering the same areas of change, transformation and metamorphosis.  For example, the changing seasons, life birth and death are all good for submission.  So, here’s a list of potential and possible areas that are of interest to ‘The Awen’.  If there’s something that appeals to you and you’d like to submit an outline, brief or synopsis to ‘The Awen’ before committing to writing the whole thing that’s ok to.

In fact, for unsolicited work we do recommend this course of action for first time writers for ‘The Awen’ to avoid both disappointment and the wrong content submission.  So that things are clear from the start, as a rule of thumb, we will probably say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’ to submitted content as in our experience most writers, authors and creative’s cannot think outside of the box.  And, as we’ve repeated several times already ‘The Awen’ is not a ‘box’ publication.   

However, if you’re courageous, fearless and warrior like in your approach to us we’re possibly going to sit up and listen...

...if your writing, photograph or creative content is good or even better great then we’ll totally going to be interested.  Although please remember the golden rule:

‘If in doubt check it out’

You can make contact with Terry Mace ‘The Awen’ Editor by emailing him at: the.awen.magazine@gmail.com

However, before doing anything please take a look at the following list of subjects, topics and areas of interest for ‘The Awen.’  If you’ve no idea what it all means or you’re unsure about a particular subject, topic or area please research the same in Google or via Wikipedia for a description.  Sure, the description may be based on what one or more people think or feel, however, at least you’ll not be totally in the dark.  Likewise, email Terry and he’ll illuminate you further.

In essence, some areas will interest you as a contributor while others won’t.  Our guidance to you is that you go with your own inner ‘Awen’ (inspiration) or at the very least, follow your gut instincts.

Alternatively, if you want to push yourself outside of your own comfort zone and tackle a subject that you’re not familiar with we’ll not going to say don’t do that.  In fact, in doing so you may well find that you’ve created a revolutionary or radical concept, idea or innovation that rocks the very fabric of our world.

You may be the one person who stumbles upon the illusive grail.  However, what we may say is, have you considered this?  Or have you considered that?  We may even ask you to re-write and submit again.  Likewise, we may go WOW!  Whatever you do, submit it!

In simple terms, ‘The Awen’ and its editor, Terry Mace wants to support, assist and help.  In short, we are happy to mentor and coach either the new or even the established writer to a place where they are comfortable, happy and able to work with us to supply content for ‘The Awen.’  After all, without your content we’d be pretty hard pushed to have a magazine.

However, we can often be hard task masters as we want to bring out the very best in you as a writer, artist or creative so never be offended, hurt or upset if your first submission is either returned as a ‘not this time’ or you’re asked to re-write, further research or edit prior to resubmission.

Equally, please remember, that this list below is not exhaustive and will grow, change, transform and metamorphosis itself as will ‘The Awen.’  Therefore, keep checking back or better still, tell us what you’d like to see, read and experience in ‘The Awen.’

After all, we cannot serve unless we know what to serve up.  As with every aspect of ‘The Awen’ these guidelines for content submissions are in constant flux, movement and evolution, so, what worked one quarter may not work for another, thus, keep checking into ‘The Awen’ Blogsite.

Regular Quarterly Content Slots:
  • Spiritual Psychology
  • Transpersonal Therapy
  • New/Radical/Experimental Philosophy
  • Exo Politics
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • New/Radical/Experimental Economics
  • New/Radical/Experimental Science, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics
  • Deep Ecology
  • Eco-Therapy
  • Wilderness Therapy
  • New/Radical/Experimental Communication
  • Anarchistic Theory & Practice
  • New/Radical/Experimental Politics, Policy or Governance
  • Social Enterprise & Visionary Business
  • New/Radical/Experimental Entrepreneurial Process
  • Time Banking & Community Currencies
  • Social Inventions & Think Tanks
  • Alternative/New/Radical/Experimental Relationship Models
  • Social Compliance, Tacit Agreement & Situation Ethics
  • Alternative/New/Radical/Experimental Law & Order
  • New/Radical/Experimental Medicine & Surgery
  • New/Radical/Experimental Coaching & Mediation
  • Radicalism Theory & Practice
  • Book, CD & DVD Reviews
  • Events, Gatherings & What’s On
  • Contacts & Resources
  • Letters Page
Other topics of interest to ‘The Awen’ are:
  • Duality & Non-Duality
  • Spiritual Consciousness & Evolution
  • Conceptual, Visionary or Innovative Spirituality
  • New/Radical/Experiential/Experimental Esoteria
  • New/Radical/Experiential/Experimental Esoteric Theory & Practice
  • New/Radical/Experiential/Experimental Metaphysics
  • Chaos Magic & Conceptual Magical
  • Archetypes, Signs & Symbols
  • Dreams, Visions & Inner Voices
  • Myth, Mayhem & Madness
  • Alchemy, Change, Transformation & Metamorphosis
  • Bio-dynamics, Community Farming & Organics
  • Alternative/New/Radical/Experimental Agriculture
  • Alternative/New/Radical/Experimental New Energy & Green Energy
  • Alternative/New/Radical/Experimental Sustainability
  • Diggers & Dreamers, Communes, Co-ops & Drop-Outs
‘The Awen’ is also interested in
receiving treatise or tracts on:

  • Global Consciousness & Intergalactic Communication
  • Channelling & Visionary Art & Creation
  • Enlightenment, Evolution, Reason, Logic & Free Thinking
  • Everything Else

However, here are the basics for consideration before you send in anything:

Each section of 'The Awen' is designed to challenge, transform and inform the reader through a process of self examination and self education.  Therefore, it’s not enough to send in a submission that whilst informative does little more than that.  ‘The Awen’ is a revolutionary magazine and journal.  Your content submissions need to be the same.  Remember, we don’t do BOX!

Equally, ‘The Awen’ has at its soul the concept of oneness without division while embracing the illusion of duality and separateness.  Likewise, 'The Awen' has a several layer or multi-level approach to the content submissions it publishes, for example, it caters for the complete and total novice seeker wanting just a simple sound bite, snippet or taster right through to the expert, professional or academic wanting more knowledge, information and meat on the bone.

However, quality over quantity is always going to be our way.  So, we’d sooner a 100 words of inspiration than a 1,000 of dross.  That said, please follow the word count guidelines below and remember, ‘The Awen’ is an inspirational magazine and journal so your content submissions need to be the same.

Equally, ‘The Awen’ covers more general but alternative topics, subjects, ideas and concepts for the middle ground reader and seeker as well as a feast of raw fleshless bone for the rebellious radical and pioneering spirit.  All in all, ‘The Awen’ contents aim to potentially be metamorphic in possibility giving the reader an opportunity to truly embrace their mind, body and spiritual evolution.

So, if you can push to the outer limits and edges of your own awareness and consciousness it’s more than likely we’re going to say a BIG yes to your submission.  At the very least, we’ll sit up and listen.

Any content submission acceptance will be even more forthcoming from us if you can offer your own experience, knowledge and training in a transfereferential way, thus, sharing and gifting your personal and individual journey for another to be inspired on theirs.  Remember, those who give light are light.

However, please don’t waste your or our time by submitting content that purports to be ‘the truth’, ‘the way’ or ‘the path’.  For one, that’s never going to get you published in ‘The Awen’ and for two, you’re barking up the wrong tree in as much that we’ll simply see you as closed, narrow minded and shut off to anything outside your own sphere or comfort zone.  Of course, if you want to push us and test us we’re also up for the challenge so bring it on.

However, please don’t be offended, hurt or in upset if we then go ahead and publish your small minded thinking and ideas as a way of expressing the concept of ‘personal truth’ as opposed to ‘the truth’ within a larger article, feature or series written for the express purpose of highlighting such shallow and narrow minded thinking.  In principle, if you want to submit ‘your’ truth we’ll take a look at it with an open heart and mind.

However, if you send in ‘the truth’ we’ll probably just laugh and block your email.  Remember, we do radical but we don’t do fundamentalism.  So before you put pen to paper or finger to key, remember please that ‘The Awen’ is not mainstream, easy listening or reading, fluffy, capitualitive, apologetic, boxy, corporate, square, boring, snooty or too posh to push, elitist, special or commercially viable, compliant, fool embracing or mind numbing.

Equally, here are a few other things that ‘The Awen’ will never be or aim to be; a coffee table read, a waiting room placebo, a bottom shelf enema or a magazine rack comfort read.

In fact, ‘The Awen’ will aim to be exactly the opposite to these ‘givens’ or ‘norms’ offering the reader and new subscriber something to not only think about and consider on the way to self actualisation but equally radical enough to solicit individual and global change on multiple levels.  In short,

‘The Awen’ will aim and endeavour
to be the grit in the oyster that makes the pearl.

Ok, the following content submission guidelines are pretty easy to comprehend, however, please do not hesitate to seek further clarification of guidance should you need to.  We’re never too busy to communicate with you even if you have to wait a while for a response.  So, please do follow the above and following guidelines before submitting content to ‘The Awen’.

1.    All written work is to be emailed either as unformatted body text (within the email itself) or as an unformatted attachment.  Our preferred attachment file format is simple ‘plain text’ or a file with a .txt suffix.  You’ll find this suffix and format in most word processing packages under ‘save-as’.  Now, we’d really like to make you aware that whilst we will receive a Microsoft Word.doc or any of its other formats such as .docx from you (if absolutely necessary) here are a few good reasons not to send us one.  Another format we’re happy to receive is: .rtf or ‘Rich Text Format.’  Likewise, you can also send us an ASCII file.  For content where formula, calculations or data is included to support a technical, mathematic, scientific, engineering, philosophical, legal, linguistic, economic, research or academic submission we can accept your work in ‘LaTex.’  We use the ‘Harvard’ referencing system for all references and citations.

2.    Submissions sent on CD’s, DVD’s or 1.4mb Disks must be in the same formats as above.  Again, make copies and back-ups.  Never send us your originals.

3.    Whilst we normally make it a rule not to accept typed or hand written work, if you feel that your content submission is really important for us to see then please contact us first as we do have ‘writing buddies’ who may be willing to work with you to present your work in one of the above formats if we accept it for publication.  We may also be able to scan and OCR – Optical Character Recognition your work for publication.  If in doubt, make contact.

4.    Length and word counts will obviously vary, however, the following is a guide: Articles: Short - 500 – 1,000 words – Medium- 1,000 – 1,500 words – Long – 1,500 – 2,500 – Features: 1,000 – 3,000 words – Series: 1,000 – 2,500 words – Fiction & Short Stories: 500 – 2,500 – Poetry 1 line to 25 lines – Prose: 100 – 500 words.
5.    Photographs submitted must be in a standard jpeg format.  We may edit, resize and manipulate to suit the layout.

6.    Illustrations, artwork or drawings can be sent in various formats such as jpeg, tiff, giff, eps and png.  We may edit, resize and manipulate to suit the layout.

7.    All work must be you own property and original and you must hold all copyrights, licenses and royalties for usage.  If we are in doubt as to the validity of such we may seek further clarification from you.

8.    Whilst we prefer to be the first publisher of your work we will consider previously published content submissions from you.  However, we may ask you to rewrite or re-edit such submissions if we feel that this is best for ‘The Awen’ audiences.

9.    You will retain all copyrights, royalties, rights and licences in any work submitted.  You will be credited as such.

10.    Whilst ‘The Awen’ currently does not pay or offer financial reimbursement for accepted published content submissions we do offer the contributor, writer, photographer, artist and designer the following exchanges – Free Subscriptions, Promotional Space, Reciprocal Links, 50% Discounts and Special Privileges.  To find out more, please simply just ask.

11.    'The Awen’ Editor, Terry Mace may edit, correct, proof, shorten or amend any such content submission which in his opinion needs the same prior to publication.  Normally, such changes will be purely grammatical or spelling based and will not significantly alter or change the core work.  However, whilst this is not negotiable, should he feel that more than 10% of the complete work requires such action, he will communicate with the contributor first so as to give them an opportunity to re-write or re-submit the same.  Likewise, if he feels that a major re-write is necessary he is more than likely to return the content submission to the contributor without completing any of the above editorial actions to give them an opportunity to do so.  However, he will endeavour in all actions to retain and honour the core inspiration and spirit of the work offering both support and mentoring to the contributor where requested.

12.    Occasionally, work submitted may need to be held over and embargoed for publication.  If this is the case, it will be published at the earliest convenience and schedule of the publisher to meet ‘The Awens’ needs.

13.    Please do your best to meet all publication deadlines.  Late submissions may need to be held over.  The deadlines can be found below for 2011.

14.    All submitted content may appear in both the online and offline versions of ‘The Awen’ and its Blogsites or websites.  Equally, it may be used within other digital or electronic media such as CD’s, DVD’s PDF’s and Podcasts.  All author and creator credits will be acknowledge and attributed.

15.    Finally, and once again, if in doubt ask first.

Content Submission Deadlines for 2012:

Spring: March the 1st
Summer: June the 1st
Autumn: September the 1st
Winter: December the 1st

End Note:

As a last statement and for your consideration as a potential contributor if you feel the need to request anonymity or to use a pseudonym or to write anonymously these options are available to you as a way of both respecting your privacy and need for professional detachment.  However, all we would ask is that you submit your content in the first instance as you and request us to publish your content using any of the above formats to withhold your true identity.  In essence, we need to know who you are even if our readers don’t.  And so, all that’s left to say is thank you for considering submitting content to ‘The Awen’ for publication.  We look forward to working with you in 2011.

‘If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got’

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