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Welcome to ‘The Awen’ FAQ’s
Frequently Asked Questions Page

When I first conceived these FAQ’s I was very tempted to open the FAQ’s with the question, ‘why am I here?’  However, that seemed a little too abstract to throw at the first time reader and so, I’ve settled on several frequently asked questions that I can at least attempt to do my best to answer in a few short paragraphs rather than the mini-thesis that would be my authentic response to ‘why am I here?’  Unless of course, I turn this question on its head and respond in answer...   ...‘because you clicked the FAQ’s link on ‘The Awen’ Blogsite.’

And so, now that you know why you’re here let’s continue with the real FAQ’s, however, if after you’ve checked them all out, you’re still none the wiser you can always email me with the FAQ that obviously wasn’t so frequently asked that it was here.  Got it?  Good!

  • What happens to all the money you make from
The Awen’ magazine and journal?

    Wow, you certainly know how to ask that straight question.  Ok, here’s how it works.  In reality, ‘The Awen’ is and will never be a truly commercially viable magazine or journal because it has no revenue being totally free as a PDF download.  Thus, it can only make money if readers pay for a subscription or buy ‘The Awen’  in a printed or digital format from specific outlets which at the time of writing these FAQ’s are none existent.

    It currently receives no sponsorship, awards, grants or advertising revenue because it does not offer advertising. and never will.  Currently, ‘The Awen’ is not available in a printed format and, thus, has no subscribers.  However, when and if it is available by the time the costs of full production of printing ‘The Awen’ are taken into account the financial situation is out of balance to put it simply.

    For example, to print, package and post 100 copies of ‘The Awen’ using 100% ecological processes will cost the publisher around £300 per issue.  Even at a full paid subscription rate of say £3.50 per issue this would leave just about 50p per copy as residue revenue.  Now, if you consider that ‘The Awen’ is run as a social enterprise project similar to a ‘not-for-profit’ then you can begin to see that once 50% of that 50p has been redistributed back into the core project for growth and sustainability with the other 50% going to create the ‘Phoenix Moon Woodland Project’ fund you can easily see that there really will be no money left to share out elsewhere.

    However, the great news is that that’s OK as ‘The Awen’s’ mission and goal is to potentially offer the reader the gift of, change, transformation and metamorphosis which in our book is priceless.  On top of that, an amazing community woodland project will get an influx of funding to help make the dream and vision a reality.

    Now, that’s the current situation, however, when ‘The Awen’ is ready to go to a printed format and has let’s say a 1,000 readership subscription base then you may want to check back and see what the answer to the above question is then.

    However, as 25% of all profits made after full expenditure have been accounted for will always go to the community woodland project with the remaining 25% left over going to sustain and grow ‘The Awen’ in all of its formats and versions, I’d say not much financially would have changed from either printing 100 copies or 1,000.  In simple terms, no one’s getting rich from this radical and totally unique project.

    In essence, it will be a high risk project for the Editor, designer, producer and publisher Terry Mace who believes so much in ‘The Awen’ that he’s been putting his own money where his mouth is since its inception.  Equally, his own personal philosophy is that all his needs are being met and as such there is no lack or scarcity in the universe and, thus, all is in balance.  Now, as for production of 'The Digital Awen' it's a similar story.  You may want to look at 'The Digital Awen Project' page to see what I mean.

    • Are You Completely Crazy?

    Mmm, interesting question, ok, look here’s the bottom line.  I’m not completely crazy.  Sure, I’m in therapy and the God-complex and narcissistic tendencies have never been easy to manage, however, I like to think of myself as more eccentric, eclectic, interested and passionate about almost everything on planet earth and beyond.  Therefore, I wanted to create, conceptualise and innovate something that reflected my own unique personality and persona in the world, hence ‘The Awen.’

    I live an inspirational and amazing life and wanted to share this and extend this potential and possibility to others.  In this sense, unlike most Editors who have that little boxy bit on the inner cover saying something like, ‘views expressed are not necessarily those of the editor’ simply don’t apply to me.  Look, I’m the Editor, designer, publisher and distributor of ‘The Awen’ if I don’t want a particular content submission to go into the magazine and journal then it won’t go in!

    Likewise, if I don’t like the way someone has written a piece for submission I’ll be sending it back for re-submission.  I’m after quality not dross.  If I want to give 50% of any profits to a woodland fund that I’ve personally set-up with my partner and the other 50% to buy a larger print run when and if that ever happens I will.  Likewise, when and if ‘The Awen’ should ever potentially pay a wage, salary or income I’ll do with that without apology what I want.

    However, whatever I do overtly and totally above the table with all the cards face up without apology as ‘The Awen’s’ Editor, designer, producer and publisher I can and will promise the readers of ‘The Awen’ one thing.  You will never see me hiding behind such cop-out boxy statements as above.

    If it’s being published or presented in ‘The Awen’ it’s because I want it there and in this sense of course on some level I hold the same views as the contributor be them radical, anarchistic or libertarian.  In short, I’m not completely crazy, mad or insane, just a little bit, however, for being rebellious, out spoken and visionary I hold my hand up high.  Deal with it.

    • Are you deliberately setting out to upset,
    annoy or piss people off?

      Now we’re getting down to it, great question.  OK.  Imagine you’re sleeping, you know, the type of sleep that’s all warm, snuggled and cosy.  So peaceful in fact that you never think you’ll wake up.  So, totally serene, so lovely, so...   ...then, you get this RAP, RAP, RAP on the front door that shakes you awake and you stumble out of bed.  On the way to the door you stub you toe, twist your back and trip over the cat as you attempt to answer the rude awakening.

      When you get to the door, no one’s there.  You look around, still no one there.  The only trace or proof of existence that you aren’t still dreaming is a small yellow post it note pushed halfway through your letter box.  As you wipe the sleepy dust out of your eyes and focus them on the words you see they say,

      ‘Wakey, wakey rise and shine.’

      Look, ‘The Awen’ is that rapping on the door, ‘The Awen’ is that post it note through the letter box, ‘The Awen’ is your wake up call to a shiny new day.  You see, most human beings will go to their graves having only ever experienced around about 10% of their full potential or capacity as human beings.  And why is that?  Because, for the most part they’ve been asleep, slumbered and catatonic to the potentials and possibilities that fully exist for them.  And so, they eventually die unfulfilled and those who gather around the coffin speak in monosyllabic remembrance tones which echo in the lonely corners of the crypt.

      ‘Oh they were so nice, so polite, so quite.
      They never complained or moaned,
      they never rocked the boat or stood out of line’

      Now look, if that’s a satisfactory end of life completion for you, for a life lived then perhaps you’ve made a mistake by clicking on these FAQ’s or perhaps this whole Blogsite.  Maybe, it’s safer for you to leave now before you open your eyes too much more and wind up blinded.  Look, here’s the bottom line.  When anyone wakes up someone from a deep sleep sharply and suddenly that person is alarmed, scared, frightened and fearful of the instant illumination as you draw back the curtains in one foul swoop proclaiming, ‘let there be light.’

      You see, that’s what it means to be a visionary, to be a radical free thinker to take life by the very energy that’s life itself and start your day with a Wahoo!  You wake others up when they’re fast asleep.  Who wouldn’t be upset, annoyed and pissed off.  I know I was when it happened to me.  However, I made a choice.  I stayed awake just long enough not to ever fall back to sleep in quite the same way I once did.

      In this sense, I see, hear and sense things now that I once never did and I love that.  For me, life is a wonderful adventure and journey.  Isn’t that potential, that possibility worth taking a chance on change, transformation and metamorphosis?  Only you can decide.  And so, in summary, no it’s not my direct intention to upset, annoy or piss people off with ‘The Awen’ or what I say as Editor offline or online, however, in my experience that’s currently the by product or trade off of waking up someone when their sleeping.

      The choice though is always clear.  And that’s the biggest thing I want you to get.  Just as there’s an off button on the TV, radio and computer, the same is true of any good alarm.  You can stay awake or go back to sleep after the wake up call.  Never forget, you can always hit the snooze button, however, ultimately the alarm still plays on in silence, in the background until we are all fully awake and truly living life as it was always meant to be.  Your move, snooze or Wahoo’s.

      • Why use the name ‘The Awen’, 
      for your magazine & journal, isn’t that a Druid thing?

        Welcome fellow tree huggers and nature lovers.  No, the ‘Awen’ is not specifically a druid thing, however, druids as well as many pagans and other faiths and religions adopt the word for their own use on many levels.  However, for the intents and purposes of ‘The Awen’ magazine and journal for change, transformation and metamorphosis the word ‘Awen’ is used to express the energy and presence of ‘inspiration’ in creation in all of its many varied forms.

        For example, all of the articles, features and series as well as all photographs, illustrations and designs have this inspirational creative concept at their root and foundation.  They are all inspirational in word, poetry, prose or creative content.  Likewise, ‘The Awen’ as an entity and form in this world has the same inspirational energy and presence as that of the universe.  In this sense, it is not only magnetic but beacon like.

        And so, in simple terms the word ‘Awen’ means inspiration, inspired or inspiring.  It also means ‘to blow’ or ‘a breeze.’  In this sense, ‘The Awen’ magazine and journal heralds and promotes the winds of change.  It’s my hope, desire and vision that ‘The Awen’ magazine and journal can do the word ‘Awen’ the full honour and justice it deserves.  As a soothsayer, I believe I can.  If you want to know more about the word ‘Awen’ click HERE.

        • If that’s the case why do you use that image that looks like a Druid Awen symbol with an Anarchy symbol superimposed over the top of it on your magazine cover, Blogsite, podcast site and other websites?

        Wow, you don’t give up do you, ok, here’s the radical bit first.  The symbol, image and design is my own personal concept and idea of bringing two independent and isolated archetypical images together in unification to highlight and make a point.  Therefore, what you’re seeing is the modern day symbol representing the ‘Awen’ and the modern day symbol representing ‘Anarchy’ joined together as one.  In essence, I’m saying,

        ‘Inspiration can be challenging, radical and destabilising,
        just as change, transformation and metamorphosis can.’

        Now, here’s the spiritual bit.  The modern day symbol used to represent the ‘Awen’ has several specific components which go to make up the whole.  For example, the circle or often circles could be seen as the container or containers or, the cycles of life, while the three descending rays or light streams may be representative of the concept of mind, body spirit.  All subjects, topics and areas covered in ‘The Awen.’

        Likewise, the circle surrounding the ‘A’ of the anarchy symbol could be interpretive of community, group or tribe while the ‘A’ itself may be reflective of the first or primal energy of ‘Alpha’.  Thus, combined and conjoined I’m suggesting that the two bring together in unity and harmony the power of original creation or, first inspiration.  Finally, whilst I'm not sure if I'm the first to use these two images together I suspect I’m probably one of only a few people to have attempted to explain and interpret the same.  In this sense, that alone is inspirational.

        • Why does ‘The Awen’ only appear every now and then?

          Excellent, well done, this is yet another good question to answer.  Ok, at the present moment, several other major projects are taking up the time of Terry Mace the Editor, designer, publisher and distributor of ‘The Awen’ so his energy into just one thing and only one thing is simply not possible.  Also, being such a brand new shiny adventure and concept ‘The Awen’ like all budding projects needs to become further established and read by many, many more people before it can move to perhaps a monthly or even bi-monthly publication process.

          Likewise, there needs to be many, many more willing and able writers and contributors so that ‘The Awen’ always delivers and sustains interesting, inspirational and metamorphic content.  In essence, perhaps it never will be more than a 'as and when' publication, however, it will always be available at least once a year for as long as one single other needs the same, and that’s a promise.  In the meantime, if you want to find out more about Terry’s other amazing and inspirational projects why not click HERE.

          • Why am I here?

          Amazing, it’s only taken several frequently asked questions to arrive back at the same place as where we started which is pretty much like life I’d say.  Ok, this is what I know as my own personal truth.  In principle, like me, you must have made an agreement somewhere, someplace outside of your current human being experienced time frame space continuum with someone or something possibly yourself or another you in a multidimensional reality framework that you’d experience or live as a particular form or life entity on earth as a human being or other.

          However, part of the original agreement was that you’d forget all about that original agreement primarily but not exclusively because there was no such agreement ever made being an illusion anyway within yourself.  However, having thought, conceptualised or imagined that you could be more than all there is, was or ever would be you split yourself partially into another or other component parts within the then existent time space continuum of your own making and, thus, then existed for that moment as well as not existing for that moment.

          In short, that was also an illusion and never happened and in simple terms only the past, ancient and distant memory of such an illusory event lingers on within the illusion itself and it is this dream which you now believe as real and therefore that’s why you now appear to be here.  Other than this rather simple and compact response I’ve absolutely no idea why you’re here.  OK?  However, if that’s not answered your question fully you may like to read a much longer less compact answer in book form which uses similar thinking, ideas and concepts behind this hypothesis by clicking HERE.

          • Are You Completely Crazy?

          Mmm, interesting question?  I’ll get back to you.  Until then, enjoy ‘The Awen.’

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