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Welcome to 'The Awen' Links & Resources Page

Below, you'll find lots of different, varied and sometimes seemingly unrelated, conflictual or downright radical button pushing links and resources on this page over the next year as 'The Awen' Blogsite changes, transforms and metamorphosis.  Likewise, you’ll mostly never know what you’re getting until you’ve get there!  It’s called ‘risk-taking’ one of the first rules of change, transformation and metamorphosis.  However, whilst these links and resources are here because we want to share these with you for your own foray into change, transformation and metamorphosis we cannot make any claims as to their quality, content or appropriateness for you as an individual.

We do, however, offer these links and resources in the spirit and sense of adventure and exploration into the potential possibility that you're more than you may believe yourself to currently be.  We also assert that if your personal reaction to any or all of these links and resources is less than wonder-filled, bliss-making and amazement-gifting then you've most likely found the very thing inside you that needs further exploration.  Likewise, if you've found a link yourself that you feel is just up 'The Awen's' street than please drop us an email to ask us to include it here.  The same applies to any resources or information that you feel is just perfect for this unique and new concept and idea in publishing.

Finally, should you find a link or resource that's broken, not working correctly of that you feel is totally inappropriate or offensive to yourself or others then do let us know so that we can investigate this further.  However, while we're not promising that we'll be in agreement with you about a link or resource that you may feel is not 'the done thing', we will listen and take the time to reflect with you on this subject.  If after our personal reflection we feel that you've made an observation worthy of our change, transformation and metamorphosis then we'll take the necessary actions to work that through. 

Likewise, if we're going to keep that link or resource here on this page then we'll tell you this and if necessary explain why we've arrived at that decision.  All in all 'The Awen' and its Editor Terry Mace will always seek to be fair and equitable if others are the same.  And so, feel free to click away and check out what's currently here making sure you check back regularly for new and interesting links and resources that we'll be adding as the days, weeks and months flow on.

‘The Awen’ Internet Links:

Please Keep Checking Back For New Internet Links.
We’ll be Adding These Weekly.

‘The Awen’ Resources:

Below, you’ll find a single link called, ‘The-Ideas-Box’ which is exactly what it says.  In simple terms it’s a ‘think-tank’ style box filled with ideas, concepts and innovations for you to consider, mull over and marvel at.  Currently, this only has a few items in, however, as above with the Internet links please keep checking back to see what’s new.  We’ll be adding to the box weekly.  Enjoy!

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